Black Rhino (adjustable with tassels)
Black Rhino (adjustable with tassels)
Black Rhino (adjustable with tassels)
Black Rhino (adjustable with tassels)

Black Rhino (adjustable with tassels)

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Black Rhino

Marco Polo described Rhinos as unicorns in his travels to the Far East. Black Rhinos actually have two horns not one, a longer one at the front and a shorter behind, both of which are made of incredibly densely matted hair. It's horns sit on the Rhino's nose which explains their name which translated in greek means 'Nose horn'. A group of Rhino's is called 'a crash' which is easy to remember as that's what Rhino's do when they hit something! We lost 98% of the world's Black Rhinos in the 20th Century, mainly due to poaching as people use their horns to make medicines in Asia. By the year 2000 there were less than 100 rhinos left in the wild. The good news is that populations are now increasing in captivity although there are still just a very few of these wonderful animals in the wild.

WWF Collection

Inspired by the amazing work being done by the World Wildlife Fund to help endangered animals, we have designed a small selection of bracelets for kids, although adults too love to wear them. Each of our WWF inspired bracelets has red and white bands symbolising a call for 'help' by the animals symbolised by the bracelet and uses a single vibrant colour to depict the spirit of the endangered animal. We will continuously add to this set over time and begin with five bright, beautiful, and critically endangered animals. Remember every time you plant 10 trees with a Band of Courage, you're not only removing over 220 Kilograms of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, you are helping to rebuild animal habitats - forests. 

Product Description

Handmade with glass beads, this adjustable bracelet will fit any small, medium and large size wrist for kids and women. 

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