Green Sea Turtle Necklace
Green Sea Turtle Necklace
Green Sea Turtle Necklace
Green Sea Turtle Necklace

Green Sea Turtle Necklace

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Green Sea Turtle Necklace

Sustainably & Ethically Handmade

The Green Sea Turtle Necklace is handmade by artisans using glass and gold plated beads with 14K gold plated clasp and fittings. The extension chain with our Leopard logo are both gold plated.

The necklace measures 43 cm (17 inches) with a 5 cm (2 inch) extension chain with a total length of up to 46 cm (21 inches). 

Gift packaging - A Gift that gives back

Every band comes in its own drawstring fabric pouch together with a planting certificate for your 10 trees. You address your certificate personally (by hand) which explains how your trees combat global warming to help people and animals alike. There is also a gift card on which you can write a personal message, the back of which tells you all about The Great Barrier Reef and why it is disappearing before our eyes.  

Your Necklace & care

The tempered glass beads will hold their colours in water although they should not be exposed to perfumes, chemicals, cosmetics and the like. The 24K gold plated beads should be treated like all gold jewellery (see care guide). 


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Green Sea Turtles 

The Green Sea Turtle is amongst the biggest of all the many seas turtles that exist growing up to 180 kilograms (400 pounds) in weight and measuring almost 2 meters (four feet) in length.

As herbivores or plant eaters, Green Turtles play a unique roll in the oceans' ecosystems - they are the lawn mowers of the seas eating the algae and seagrass on the ocean floor which helps to keep these rich beds of nutrients healthy for the varieties of marine life which depend upon them. Seagrass and algae are not only vital sources of food, but the beds themselves are essential nurseries for a whole host of marine animals. As the populations of Green Sea Turtles diminish, we are upsetting the ocean ecosystem and in turn disrupting the ocean food chain on which billions of people depend for survival.     

Green turtles are found mainly in tropical and subtropical waters. Like other sea turtles, they migrate long distances between feeding grounds and the beaches from where they hatched. Classified as endangered, green turtles are threatened by over-harvesting of their eggs, hunting of adults, being caught in fishing gear and loss of nesting beach sites.