Petite Heart Reef Turquoise Stone Ring
Petite Heart Reef Turquoise Stone Ring
Petite Heart Reef Turquoise Stone Ring

Petite Heart Reef Turquoise Stone Ring

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Petite Heart Reef Turquoise Stone Ring

The Petite Heart Reef Turquoise Stone Ring is in gold. 

The gold is 1.5 microns of 18K gold plating.  



Available in Australia size 12. UK Size 10 and US size 8. 

10 trees planted & Gift Cards

The ring comes in a gift box and drawstring fabric pouch together with a planting certificate for your 10 trees. You can address your certificate personally (by hand). There is also a gift card on which you can write a personal message which tells you all about Heart Reef, the endangered animal who inspired your ring.


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Copyright & Registered Design

Original design is copyrighted by Bands of Courage and formally registered.  

Heart Reef

This unique ring is inspired by Heart Reef, a naturally formed coral reef creating an island in the shape of a heart found on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The only heart shaped reef in the world, it measures just 17 meters across. Heart Reef is a living animal made up of trillions of tiny polyps living within the calcium corals, which look like flowers, or 'the rain forests of the seas' as they are often called. When sea temperatures rise 1 degree or more above average, the animal polyps are shocked and forced to leave their coral skeleton home. 90% of the coral skeleton's food is provided by it's resident polyps and if the polyps are away too long the reef starts to bleach and then die! Climate Change is heating the seas, its changing weather patterns and therefore ocean currents, upsetting order within the oceans, and too often killing lifeforms which can't adapt fast enough. Taking over 200 million years to form, this iconic Australian reef is a symbol of enduring love.