The Scarlett Macaw Necklace
The Scarlett Macaw Necklace
The Scarlett Macaw Necklace
The Scarlett Macaw Necklace

The Scarlett Macaw Necklace

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The Scarlett Macaw necklace is handmade with Scarlett and gold coated Japanese glass beads with a few powder blue beads to show it is related to the Blue Throated Macaw. The little gold and very few powder blue beads symbolise the diminishing numbers of Macaws in the world - there are less than 2,000 left in the wild today. 

Scarlett Macaws live only in central America from Mexico in the North down to parts of Brazil. Whist they are predominantly red in colour they have splashes of yellow and blue which is mirrored by the gold and blue beads in the design of our necklace. We have given our necklace a final sparkling of colour with a white freshwater Pearl at its centre.

Macaws are highly intelligent and stay with the same mate for life living up to 60 years of age. 

Macaws have been hard hit by humans who, for a long time, have been hunting them for their feathers for head dresses and the pet trade, at the same time as destroying their habitat through deforestation. Like most birds trees are where they live which is one reason we plant trees - to provide animals and marine life with a habitat in which to live.

Every Macaw plants 10 trees and comes with a planting certificate and gift card in a fabric bag - is a wonderful gift that gives back to the planet as well as being personalised and quite unique.  

If you really want to splash out, there will be a Scarlet Macaw anklet coming soon.

Description (Handmade)

The Scarlett Macaw is made by hand and made to order. The combinations of red, blue and gold coated Japanese glass beads are unique to each band although the style of each is the same. 

The Scarlett Macaw comes in a single size, a necklace measuring 41 cms (16 inches).

Each Scarlett Macaw is connected at the back with two links of 14K gold filled paper chain chain and a lobster clasp which is also 14K gold filled. 


It will take up to five days to make your Scarlett Macaw depending on how busy we are and your order will processed for shipping thereafter. Shipments are tracked and your tracking number will be sent by email confirming posting of your order.

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