Inspired by Nature's beauty and using her natural materials, our goal is to create sustainable bands each of which plants 10 trees to provide a home for endangered animals

Unique, handmade & inspired by Nature

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Les Petites Pearls Necklace, Bracelet and Ring

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Heart Reef

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Meet our Giant Panda glass bracelet

Our tempered glass bands are inspired by endangered animals like the Giant Panda

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NEW Les Petites Glass Bracelets

See our NEW collection of Petites Glass Bands

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Les Petites Pearl Rings

Our collection of Les Petites Pearls includes rings, anklets and necklaces . . . bracelts coming soon!

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The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef shown here with the Wakatobi Reef, Iberian Lynx and REBEL.

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NEW - Les Petites Stacks Collection

A new collection of necklaces and bracelets together in stacks.

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NEW - The Bondi Beach Collection

Our Bondi Beach charm necklaces are new, celebrating this iconic beach 'where so much is owed by so many to so few'.

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From our kids . .

Inspired by our children, the generation who will inherit a devastated planet

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. . to a market stall

selling inspirational hand made bands at our local market to plant trees

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. . to an organic supply chain

To building a supply chain where our bands are handmade using sustainable materials including organic cotton, natural dyes and, of course, glass.

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Wildlife Populations have dropped by 69% since 1970!

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All my presents are now Bands of Courage, they make us all feel good and my friends absolutely love them.  


I have been wearing my two Giant Panda bands for 9 months now, and they need some more friends!


My bands are a real talking point, everyone asks me where I got them and sharing the story is so much fun.  


Les Petites Bracelets

Our latest collection of endangered animals.

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Terra Aura

Terra Aura mixes with all the animals!

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Terra Aura is back!

Our best selling bracelet is back, now using our own metal beads.

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