Jewellery Care

Caring for your Jewellery

We describe our bands as  'Nature’s Gifts', because they are made of the materials Nature herself has given us; they are sustainable, delicate and should be worn with care.

All jewellery is vulnerable to damage from being hit or bashed as we go about our daily lives and there are some simple things we can do to look after our jewellery to make sure it lasts.  
Lotions and Potions can erode or stain your jewellery and our advice would be to avoid them when you are wearing your jewellery. 
Safe Storage, all of our jewellery pieces come in a drawstring pouch and should be stored individually and separately in their pouch to avoid being scratched, tangling or breakage by other items. Please pack your jewellery away with care.
No Swimming and Showers, too much water isn’t good for plated jewellery and ours is no exception. So please stay out of the water if you want your gold plated jewellery to last.
Protecting your jewellery, care should be taken to keep your jewellery away from potential threats of damage like frequent banging, scratching on hard surfaces, extreme temperatures, and, of course, chemical like perfumes. Remember to keep your jewellery away from small metal objects like car keys and loose change in pockets and purses.