The Gift that keeps on giving

Every band comes in a little draw-string fabric pouch in which you will find your band, your certificate for planting 10 wonderful Mangrove trees with the local people in Madagascar, and a thank you card which doubles a gift card so you can write a little something on it - saving you time looking for gift cards!

Why so thoughtful . . . because you are giving something beautiful, authentic, and made with love . . . You are giving 

- a beautiful hand-made, sustainable band;

- you are giving them (and the planet) 10 Mangrove trees;

- you are recycling CO2 from the atmosphere to combat Climate Change;

- you are creating a home for animals;

- you are creating jobs for local people making bands, planting trees and looking after them; and finally

- on your behalf we support animal and human charities which is something we will do more of over time, beginning with adopting animals with the World Wildlife Fund.

Both cards included in your little gift set - the planting certificate and gift card - can be personalized by you with a message for the person to whom you are giving the present.

Your Planting Certificate

Your planting certificate testifies to the planting of your trees and can be addressed to anyone if it is to be a gift. It states that each band plants 10 trees in Madagascar and recycles 220 kilograms of CO2 every year for the life.

Wording on the certificate is taken from the United States Declaration of Independence dated 1776 celebrating the new Government's purpose which is to assure the "Safety and Happiness" of its citizens. A purpose adopted by most nations since.

The implicit point being it is a dereliction of governments' jobs not to tackle Climate Change adequately!

 Your Gift Certificate

On the back of your gift card is a verse of poetry inspired by William Wordsworth to say thank you for planting the trees. It's from his poem "To a Butterfly", written in 1801. The poem paints a picture of the serenity of nature, framing the simple act of a butterfly flying and resting amongst the trees, as a moment of blissful and innocent joy. 

Butterflies and trees are precious and we hope the poem and our few words of thank you (below) inspire you to feel as we do.