Links with Nature

'One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken.' Leo Tolstoy

Our passion is creating beautiful things and Our Soul lies in Nature, the greatest inspiration for creativity on the planet with her many wonderful plants, animals, and landscapes, too many of which are now at risk.

Our Goal is to create elegant jewelry inspired by Mother Nature – beautiful bands and charms with a connection to Nature. A connection that’s so great people wearing them, and looking at them, feel her elemental happiness.

Leo Tolstoy, one of history’s greatest writers said, ‘we can only be happy if we maintain our link with Nature’, so We Believe we must strengthen our links with Nature.

Those links begin with the design of our jewelry – each piece is inspired by an endangered animal or landscape like the Amur Leopard and Heart Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Each design is symbolic of a little piece of Nature passing through our fingers today, a piece we may never see again.

Every creation is then, of course, named after its inspiration in Nature and comes with a story card sharing details of their struggle against Climate Change. Yes, there are just 92 Amur Leopards left on the planet!

Our jewelry is sustainably made using Nature’s raw materials like silicon or sand and fabric, and our gold and silver is recycled.

Every band and charm plants 10 Mangrove trees to help restore Nature and each one comes with a tree planting certificate telling you about the CO2 you’re recycling.

Every 10 trees you plant also creates a day’s work in the local Madagascan communities planting and looking after your trees. You are helping to build communities that restore and care for Nature.

Our pieces are ethically handmade adhering to social responsibility standards and more besides. For example, every person handcrafting our charms is given a bicycle to ride to work to minimize their impact on Nature.

Making your jewelry by hand is sustainable, creates jobs, and is Nature’s way.

Our final link lies in Nature herself, your Mangrove trees. Mangroves are the most efficient trees for storing Carbon with their extensive root systems, they provide a home to marine as well as land animals, and protect coastlines against rising seas.

We pay homage to Mother Nature being a Carbon Negative team, we create more Oxygen than CO2 in what we do and how we do it.

We plant 230 trees for every person involved with Bands of Courage - from the craftspeople making our charms by hand to our local post office staff - all are CarbonNet Zero, offsetting our and their CO2 emissions, as well as their equal share of the world’s CO2 emissions.

We are here to create gifts from Mother Nature, inspired by her, to tell stories about her, and share a little of her happiness while we all pay her back by planting trees. 

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