Inspire change for the better, be the change

Our Soul: Bands of Courage are bands of inspiration and empowerment, to inspire us all to create a better, happier world - today and for future generations - and for the animals and plants on whom we rely for our food, our oxygen, much of our culture and life itself.

Our goal is to inspire people and raise awareness of our impact on others including the animals and plants on whom we depend - and to help restore the forests of Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world which has lost 90% of its rainforests and has the 3rd highest number of endangered species of any country in the world. To try to make a big difference in a small country and  show the world what can be done by a small group of people of which we are a very small part.

Our goal is to plant a million trees in Madagascar by 2025. 

So join us, have some fun helping to inspire change for a better world, wear or give a Band of Courage - join us on Instagram @bandsofcourage.