Be the Change you want to see in the world

Our Soul: Inspiration’ is an elixir FOR life, it empowers us with the self-belief to do extraordinary things; from taking baby steps to realizing dreams, it turns our thoughts into actions.

We can’t bottle inspiration, so instead we draw from Nature’s beauty, her endangered animals; we use recycled and organic materials to create handmade bands to give back to Nature, to plant trees and give animals a home.

Our elegant bands are designed to inspire and empower people to be the change you want to see in the world, each one:-

- plants 10 trees, combating global warming by recycling more than half the CO2 pollution you exhale every year for a lifetime;

- creates one day's work for local Madagascans who plant your trees and look after them;

- creates jobs for the artisans who make your band by hand;

- supports other charities and causes including removing a pound of plastic from the oceans, supporting social enterprises to help people during Covid and planting even more trees, for example, we plant a tree for every follower on Instagram;

- raises awareness about the impact of global warming, on endangered animals especially.

Our goal is to plant a million trees in Madagascar by 2025 to help restore the rain forests of Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world which has lost 90% of its trees and, as a result, has the 3rd highest number of endangered species of any country in the world. To try to make a big difference in a small country supporting the group of 3,500 local people led by Eden Reforestation Projects.

So join us, have some fun helping to inspire change for a better world, wear or give a Band of Courage - join us on Instagram @bandsofcourage and we will plant a tree for you.