Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects: Our Tree Planting Charity Partner

Eden is the American Charity with whom we partner to plant your trees. We are a "Sapling Partner' partner having planted over 350,000 of your trees in the past 2 years. 

To put our contribution into perspective, Eden's amazing teams, with over 26,000 people employed worldwide, plant almost a million trees a day.

Eden's philosophy, which we love, is "Employ to Plant", which means you're not only planting 10 trees with every band, but creating a day's work for a local person. Tree planting is helping to build thriving local communities who plant and maintain your trees as a part of everyday village life. 

Why We Plant Trees in Madagascar

We support Eden's 6,500 strong team in Madagascar because:-

- its rainforests, now almost entirely depleted, have been designated National Parks ensuring your trees live a lifetime which means your trees last your lifetime!

- We plant Mangrove trees which, pound for pound, store more carbon than any other tree in their extensive root systems;

- Mangrove trees help protect Madagascar's coastline, large parts of which are being eroded by rising sea levels caused by global warming.

- Mangroves are unique in being able to survive in salt water and provide a habitat for marine as well as land animals;

- Madagascar has the 3rd highest number of endangered animals in the world after Mexico and Indonesia. 

- 75% of Madagascar's species are unique to Madagascar, so must save them now!

- Every 10 trees creates a days work for a local Madagascan helping to build vibrant villages in a country where less than half its population uses cash. 

Our Blog post explains how planting Mangrove trees in Madagascar helps Polar bears in the Arctic and Koalas in Australia.