Giving a Band of Courage

There is a Band of Courage for everyone, men, women and children, all hand made personalized gifts that give back, for life:-

There are elegant glass bands with designs inspired by endangered animals – choose your design

Or perhaps you know someone who loves animals, in which case choose your animal

There are fabric bands more versatile than gift cards – like gift cards they carry inspirational messages, but you can wear them!

Or perhaps you know someone who wants a protest banner – a fabric band is the answer, with NO PLANET B or NO PLASTIC?

Or you want to give someone a message, like LOVED, J’ADORE or COURAGE

Or perhaps you want to just plant trees, your band is a momento of doing your bit to stop global warming

Or perhaps you want to give some the gift 'To Breathe Carbon Free for Life'

EVERY Band of Courage comes in a drawstring fabric bag, with your planting certificate and a gift card so you can truly personalize your gift