Inspire Change for a better world

We are a COVID business - Pre-pandemic, my children and I set up a market stall and started designing bands to have some fun and plant trees, and then came lockdown. Inspired by the feedback and to make the most of our circumstances, we decided to make Bands of Courage a brand and inspiration for others. 

Our little market stall later re-opened and has since blossomed. One of the first things we did was to keep a score board of trees planted at each market.

In October 2020 encouraged by our supporters we created this website and opened an Instagram account. Since then our supporters have planted over 67,000 trees.

We love creating our bands and talking to people about the people, animals and plants which inspire them; to inspire people to change the world for the better and, of course, plant trees; to see if we can make a difference.

So please us and Inspire change for a better world.