Charities YOU support

These are the growing list of Charities & Causes YOU support with Bands Of Courage

When you give or wear a Band of Courage, you are supporting a growing number of charities:-

- There's Eden Reforestation Projects, the world's largest tree planting charity, with whom we plant at least 10 trees per band;

- The World Wildlife Fund with whom we have adopted the variety of endangered animals which they support who've inspired the design of your bands;

- The 'Slow Made' Courage Collective, a partnership with our Indian based organic yarn supplier to provide work to women living in remote Indian villages enabling them to make a living whilst they tend to their families at home;

-  Neuroblastoma Australia for whom we have designed glass bands to raise funds for this particularly aggressive cancer in children. 

What started as our market stall is now beginning to make a real difference to people's lives. Do please read more in each Charity section and perhaps support some directly.

Thank you for your support

B x