Breathe Carbon Free for Life

Breathe Carbon Free for Life

It's official, the CO2 we exhale is officially a "pollutant" according to a decision by The United States Supreme Court of Justice. Environmental agencies around the world need to consider how to regulate all sources of CO2, which includes breathing! Regulating 'breathing' would be contentious, to say the least, so we've created our Breathe Carbon Free For Life campaign, planting 20 trees with just two bands (bracelets or necklaces) to re-cycle all the Carbon Dioxide or CO2 pollution you exhale every year for a lifetime.

“We breathe 8 million times a year, exhaling around 2 lbs of Carbon Dioxide or CO2 a day or around 880 lbs a year, including an allowance for daily exercise[1]”.
“An average mature tree recycles 48 lbs of CO2 a year, so 2 Bands of Courage planting 20 trees recycle 960 lbs a year, more than enough to offset your personal CO2 from breathing[2]. Your trees are planted in Madagascar by a team of 3,500 local people whose job is to make sure your trees are planted and cared for, for life”
“For less than US$38 / A$50 / £30 you can give someone a gift that is truly for life, it comes in a gift set including 2 beautiful Bands of Courage, a personalized Planting & Recycling Certificate and a cute little gift card, all wrapped up in a drawstring fabric pouch”


Breathing & The Carbon Cycle

Some argue the CO2 we exhale is already accounted for as we eat the carbon in the plants and animals with whom we are in balance in what’s called the ‘Carbon Cycle’.

But as we pollute the seas, land, and air, and cut down trees, we are upsetting that ‘cycle’ and more and more Carbon is accumulating in the atmosphere. There are now 416 parts per million of Carbon in the atmosphere, up from 412 parts per million last year[3] even with Covid slowing down pollution. So, we need to do all we can:-

“Every little bit of Carbon we take out of the atmosphere helps. Breathe Carbon free is a program to get us started on the road to recycling our own CO2, something we all do equally and without exception”

“So, climb aboard and let’s go on a carbon recycling trip, one band and 10 trees at a time, beginning with breathing, plant 20 lives for a lifetime of pollution free breathing!”.

Bands of Courage

June 2021




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