A Gift for Life

"People will never forget how you made them feel"
Maya Angelou
What makes the perfect gift?

Finding 'the right gift' for someone is a task we all face at one time or another, made more difficult with budgets and, of course, time. Here's our take on Bands of Courage as a contender for a great gift. 

The Perfect Gift

One test of how good a gift is, is how long the memory of it lasts. The longer the memory the better the gift, so the perfect gift is perhaps one that's remembered forever?

A Band of Courage is a gift for Life. . . 

Bands of Courage

Bands of Courage are a gift for life because the trees you gift absorb a lifetime's Carbon Dioxide. But there is a bit more to it, when give a Band of Courage you're giving lots of things:-

  • you're giving a handcrafted band made of sustainable materials including glass, gold, and organic fabric, as we say "made from Nature's Gifts".
  • your band can be an elegant piece of gold or glass jewellery or it can be an organic fabric band with an inscription in glass or gold with a personal message or protest.
  • If you chose a fabric band as a protest banner then you're giving someone a gift to protest anytime, anyplace, anywhere . . . even the White House!
  • If the person receiving the gift loves animals, is a supporter of human rights, or indeed any cause, then your gift will resonate with their passion. 
  • every band plants 10 trees recycling 480 pounds of CO2 every year.
  • each band helps make its wearer Carbon-free for a Lifetime depending on which step they get to in our program, it's a not insignificant service!
  • there is a thank you card with a little poetry inspired by William Wordsworth. 
  • every gift creates jobs to make the bands, plant trees and look after them, all by hand helping impoverished communities.
  • Your band and thank you card all come in a cute drawstring fabric bag.  

A Unique Feature

Giving the gift to Breathe Carbon-free for a lifetime is a gift a person can only receive once. Once you receive the gift to breathe, exercise, eat and live carbon-free for a lifetime, it is for a lifetime. 

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