Become a Carbon Zero Citizen in the Race to Zero

A Carbon Zero Citizen

A Carbon Zero Citizen is a person (of any age) who recycles their own CO2 waste together with an equal share of the world’s total CO2 emissions including fossil fuel emissions. All it takes is planting 350 trees to recycle 17,000 pounds of CO2 every year for a lifetime.

A Carbon Zero Citizen is a winner so to speak in the United Nations 'Race to Zero' described below. 

The United Nation's Race to Zero

Launched by the United Nations in 2019, the Race to Zero campaign is supported by "121 countries, 452 cities, 22 regions, 1,128 businesses, 45 of the biggest investors, and 549 universities" aiming to achieve a decarbonised economy. Our CO2 Recycling Program is one way people can become Carbon Zero Citizens and help achieve the United Nation's goal. 

Carbon Zero Citizens are much more than just net-zero carbon emitters, they recycle their equal share of the world's total CO2 emissions. They are winners, so to speak, in the United Nation's Race to Zero. 

See:, Bands of Courage is not a member of this program although we will be applying to partner with the Race to Zero early 2021.  


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