Carbon Zero Company

"Treat your employees like they make a difference and they will"

Jim Goodnight CEO SAS

A Carbon Zero Business

Carbon Zero Business is a business whose staff are Carbon Zero Citizens.

    People are ’the most valuable asset of the business’ so our CO2 waste recycling program is as much about businesses as people, because people are businesses! 

    These are our thoughts on the benefits of becoming a Carbon Zero Business:- 

    • Its great fun giving gifts, and your staff are amongst the most important people in your life, so why not give them the gift to breathe carbon-free for life?
    • Its motivational and shows you care about your staff personally.  
    • It sends out a great message to people, not simply as another badge on a list of testimonials, but through your staff themselves, ’I’m a Carbon Zero Citizen’
      • For businesses which actively embrace the families of their staff, the program can be extended to family members - and with bands for men, women, and children, each family member gets an appropriate gift for their age, sex and stage, as well as the environmental benefits.

      Suggestions on how . . .

      You don't need to make employees Carbon Zero Citizens immediately, take it in stages - start with breathing Carbon-free for life and take it from there! 

      Just because you launch your staff on their carbon-free journey, doesn't mean they can't take the next steps themselves.

      Create your own bands - if you order 10 or more of our organic fabric bands you can order your own inscriptions. You can use the bands to say what you want to say!

      Make it fun, not a responsibility!


      Once you have given a person 2 bands to breathe carbon-free for a lifetime, no one else can repeat that carbon-free for life gift. It really is a once in a lifetime gift. 

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