A Gift for Life

"People will never forget how you made them feel"

Maya Angelou
(American author and activist) 
What makes the perfect gift?

Everyone's perfect gift is different. Finding 'the right gift', or 'a great gift' for someone is a task we all face at one time or another, made more difficult with budgets and, of course, time. Here's our take on Bands of Courage as a contender for a great gift. 

The Perfect Gift

One test of how good a gift is, is how long the memory of it lasts. The longer the memory the better the gift, so the perfect gift is perhaps one that's remembered forever?

Bands of Courage

Bands of Courage are, in one way, a gift for life because the trees you gift absorb a lifetime's Carbon Dioxide, but there is a bit more to it than that. When you give a Band of Courage you're giving several things:- 

  • you're giving a handcrafted band made of sustainable materials, as we say "made from Nature's Gifts".
  • your band can be an elegant piece of gold or glass jewellery or carry an inscription with purpose; 
  • every band plants 10 trees recycling 480 pounds of CO2 every year and comes with a certificate testifying to your contribution.
  • each band is a big step towards becoming a carbon Zero Citizen. 
  • there is a thank you card with a little poetry inspired by William Wordsworth which you can use as a personalised gift card. 
  • every gift creates jobs to make the bands, plant trees and look after them, all by hand helping impoverished communities as well as providing habitats for animals and marine life.
  • Your band, certificate and thank you card all come in a cute drawstring fabric bag.  

One Unique Feature

There is one feature that is unique to Bands of Courage as a gift. Giving the gift to Breathe Carbon-free for a lifetime is a gift a person can only receive once. Once you receive the gift to breatheCarbon free for life, no one else can give that gift again!