Everyone loves a gift that gives back, and every band comes as a gift set including:-

- the band itself, a gift which fulfils our mantra to recycles to the planting ten Mangrove Trees,

1. Global Need

Carbon particles in the atmosphere are at record levels according to NASA, the American Space Agency, whose website (above) shows temperatures are increasing as a result.

We can no longer use the excuse that our personal CO2 waste is part of an age-old carbon cycle and is not therefore additive. Nature's trees and seas are no longer able to recycle our increasing CO2 emissions and cannot therefore maintain a balance of carbon in the atmosphere.

There is a global need for each of us to do all we can to reduce our own CO2 emissions and, if we can't i.e. stop breathing, then we should at least recycle the air we breathe.  

2. Global Equality

The build-up of carbon in our atmosphere is a global problem to which we all contribute equally in terms of our personal CO2 waste from breathing.

By recycling our own CO2 waste from breathing and exercising we are sharing the burden of a global problem equally across the globe. 

3. Personal Responsibility

Disposing of our personal wastes - liquids, solids and household wastes - is something we all already do, activities we all share in common.

Our personal CO2 waste from breathing and exercising is just another personal waste for which we each have personal responsibility. 

4. Global Unity

Maybe by taking equal action for recycling a waste we all produce equally can help unite in solving a global problem. 

We recognise many cannot afford to plant trees and others of us may have to lend a hand, but at least we have a starting point for unity of equal action.

5. For A Lifetime

Each of the steps in planting trees to become a Carbon Zero Citizen are for a lifetime.

The Program is based on the average lifetime of every person on the planet today (see below), so once you own a band, your trees are planted and you are  Carbon-free for life.

6. A Carbon Zero Citizen

A Carbon Zero Citizen is a person who recycles their equal share of total global CO2 emissions (from all sources), to do what governments' are not doing - become net carbon zero. A Carbon Zero Citizen recycles 17,000 pounds of CO2 every year for a lifetime by planting 350 trees.