Bands of Courage in a Nutshell

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has"

Margaret Mead


Bands of Courage was created because GOVERNMENTS aren't doing enough to stop Climate Change so it's down to PEOPLE to make a difference, as many are.  

We created Bands of Courage to invent fun and inspiring ways for PEOPLE to combat Climate Change as it's our belief that if you enjoy the fight you're more likely to win the battle.

We make handmade bands and jewellery for men, women, and children using sustainable materials including glass, gold, and organic fabric. Designed as elegant jewellery, our bands are also PROTEST BANNERS and make inspiring gifts symbolising endangered animals and human rights like 'The Pursuit of Happiness' from the 'Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness' set and The Caged Bird Sings from the Black Lives Matter set.

We are also using our bands and bracelets to create a personal CO2 waste recycling program, a recycling program for people (not businesses or governments), to become Carbon Zero Citizens, to live and 'Breathe, Carbon-free for a Lifetime' - to recycle their CO2 waste, just as they do their personal and household wastes.

But Carbon Zero Citizens are much more than just net-zero carbon emitters, they recycle their equal share of the world's total CO2 emissions. They are winners, so to speak, in the United Nation's Race to Zero Initiative.  

Every band or bracelet plants 21 trees recycling 1,008 pounds of Carbon Dioxide every year - with just one band you can breathe carbon-free for a lifetime. Further bands plant enough trees to recycle your CO2 waste to exercise, eat, and live Carbon-free for life.

With 20 bands (the 20th gifted by us, planting 21 trees) you become a Carbon Zero Citizen, and set an awesome example to governments - to show them PEOPLE can do what GOVERNMENTS won't under the Paris Climate Agreement.

Our CO2 waste recycling program relies on widely accepted data published by organisations like the World Bank, The United Nations, and leading publications like Nature and the Economist Magazines.

Bands of Courage isn't just a jewellery business or a social enterprise on an environmental crusade, we aim to produce all sorts of products and ideas themed at stopping climate change and to inspire people to inspire each other and have fun in the process. one way or another. So please join us on this journey, who knows where it might lead!

Thank you

Bands of Courage