The Whales & The Lynx
The Whales & The Lynx
The Whales & The Lynx
The Whales & The Lynx
The Whales & The Lynx
The Whales & The Lynx
The Whales & The Lynx

The Whales & The Lynx

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The Whales & The Lynx

Product Description

This trio of glass and gold bracelets is sustainably and ethically handmade by artisans using tempered glass and 24K gold plated beads. The glass bracelets are available in stretch and adjustable cotton styles. 

The stretch elastic measures 17cm / 6.5 inches in length and string cotton adjustable for sizes between 13.5 cms (5.2 inches) and 24 cms (9.5 inches). 

The 14K Gold plated bracelet is handmade and measures 8 inches / 20 cm in length including the 8mm fish lock clasp. Each paperclip link measures 0.35 inches  / 9 mm in length.

This trio of bands plants 30 trees!

Gift packaging - Gifts that give back

Your trio of bands comes in a drawstring fabric pouch with a personalized planting certificate for your 30 trees and gift card on which you can write a message. Your planting certificate can addressed personally (by hand), and explains how your trees combat global warming to help people and animals alike. The back of your gift card tells you all about Whales and why and how they are endangered.  


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The Iberian Lynx

The Iberian Lynx is so called because it's made up of links or 'Lynx' and, like the gorgeous feline - the Iberian Lynx - it symbolises, is shades of gold. The Iberian Lynx lives on the Iberian Peninsula in Spain and is also known as the Spanish Lynx. It's the most endangered feline in the world today with a population of just 400 left on the planet. It was less than 100 at the beginning of the century, so things are looking up! They have a tawny gold coat and a beard which makes them look very cute indeed! Iberian Lynx's grow to about three feet or a metre and live amongst the trees!

Beluga Whales

Beluga whales are also known as the 'canary of the seas' because of the many, strange and wonderful noises they make communicating with each other. Their 'melon' heads also change shape as they communicate. Like Polar Bears they a dependent on the ice flows which they call home and from which they take shelter from Orcas and hunt themselves. With receding ice shelves in the Arctic and Antarctic Belgua populations are now threatened.  

Blue Whale

Blue whales are the loudest and largest of all animals on earth. They make more noise than a jet engine and have hearts the size of a car. These magnificent creatures eat four tonnes of food a day. Rising sea temperatures caused by Climate Change are destroying their diet of Krill. Despite their size they too are no match for humans who hunt them remorselessly whilst continuing to destroy their habit, the seas. Our bright blue and gold banded bracelet celebrates their undoubted status as animal royalty.