Arctic Ocean Stack
Arctic Ocean Stack
Arctic Ocean Stack
Arctic Ocean Stack
Arctic Ocean Stack

Arctic Ocean Stack

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The Arctic Ocean Necklace & Earrings

The Arctic Ice Cap: Melting at a rate of 13% every 10 years

Hand-cut stone Lifebuoys

This Arctic Ocean stack is 18K gold plated necklace and earrings made of White Howlite natural stone shaped as Lifebuoys symbolizing the significance of oceans & seas to humanity. 

The Arctic Ocean Lifebuoys are 10mm in diameter.

The 18K gold plated earring hoops are 15mm in diameter.

The 18K gold plated necklace measures 46cm (18 inches) and extends to 48cm (19 inches) and 51cm (20 inches).    

They are all hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free.

Gift Cards: 2 band plants 20 Trees recycling 6.18 tonnes of CO2.

Your Band of Courage comes with an Endangered Animal gift card and a 20 Tree Planting Certificate, both of which can be personalised. They tell you all about your Endangered Animal, your Mangrove trees, your CO2 recycling. 

Your stack comes in a drawstring fabric pouch.


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Arctic Ocean (White Howlite)

The name of The Arctic Ocean derives from the Arctic which in turn derives from the greek word 'Arktos', which means 'bear', referring to the constellation of stars that sit above the Arctic Circle called 'The Great Bear'.