Oceans & Seas Earrings
Oceans & Seas Earrings
Oceans & Seas Earrings
Oceans & Seas Earrings
Oceans & Seas Earrings
Oceans & Seas Earrings
Oceans & Seas Earrings
Oceans & Seas Earrings
Oceans & Seas Earrings

Oceans & Seas Earrings

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Oceans & Seas Earrings

We are living on 'Planet Ocean', not 'Planet Earth'

Hand cut precious stone Lifebuoys

These handmade 18K gold earrings each carry a hand cut precious stone in the shape of 'lifebuoy', to symbolize their significance of oceans & seas to humanity. Each Ocean and Sea has a dedicated precious stone inspired by its personality. Each one also plants 10 trees and comes with a gift card and personalized tree planting certificate.

The hoop earring measures 15mm in diameter and the stone lifebuoy is 10mm in diameter. 

Every Band plants 10 Trees - Personalize your Tree Planting Certificate 

Every band plants 10 Mangrove Trees recycling 220 Kgs of CO2 every year for your lifetime and beyond. Included with your band is a tree planting certificate which you can address personally if you are giving a gift. The certificate tells you all about your trees, CO2 recycling and jobs you are creating!  


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Planet Ocean

Oceans cover 71% of our planet, just 29% is earth. We've named each piece of water covering our planet, just have we have with the land, which is why we have created our Oceans & Seas collection . . .  which also provide the salt water in which your 10 Mangrove trees are planted. 

Arctic Ocean (White Howlite), the Arctic name derives from greek word 'Arktos', which means 'bear', referring to the constellation of stars above, called 'The Great Bear'. 

Atlantic Ocean (Sodalite), named the 'Sea of Atlas' by a 6th Century Greek Poet, Atlas is the Greek Titan tasked with holding up the heavens for all eternity. Tough job!

Black Sea (Golden Obsidian), is so named after translations of its location 'to the North', or "Great' or 'Stormy', the scholars can't agree on a single reason for the source of its name! 

Coral Sea (Rose Quartz), is so called because of its full of beautiful coral formations and one, in particular, The Great Barrier Reef! 

Caribbean Sea (Amazonite), names after the Carib (or Kalina) Indians who lived on the islands and South America. Carib means 'brave warrior' as they attacked the Spanish settlers.  

Pacific Ocean (Green Aventurine), named by the Portuguese explorer Magellan in 1519, Pacific means 'peaceful' - he was relieved to see the Pacific after a difficult voyage!

Indian Ocean (Malachite), is named after India and its name in Hindi is Ocean of India.

Mediterranean Sea (Turquoise), was named by the Romans, 'Mar Medi Terraneum', meaning sea in the middle of the land.    

 More are on the way, there are over 50 seas across the world today!

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