Floreana Coral
Floreana Coral
Floreana Coral
Floreana Coral

Floreana Coral

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Floreana Coral

Handmade with tempered glass

This handmade bracelet is crafted by artisans using tempered glass and 24K gold plated beads, and is available in stretch elastic measuring 17cm / 6.5 inches in length. 

Your band plants 10 Mangrove Trees to provide a home for marine and land animals, and recycles a whopping 3.08 tonnes of CO2.

Your Personalized Gift Cards

Your Band of Courage comes with an Endangered Animal gift card and a 10 Tree Planting Certificate, both of which can be personalized. They tell you all about your Endangered Animal, your Mangrove trees, and your CO2 recycling. 

Every band comes in a drawstring fabric pouch. 

Your bracelet & card

The tempered glass beads will hold their colors in freshwater (not saltwater, please), and should not be exposed to perfumes, chemicals, cosmetics and the like. 


Your order will be processed within 2 business days of receipt. Shipments are tracked and details for the delivery service you choose are shown at checkout. 

Floreana Coral

Floreana Coral can only be found in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador in South America. It's critically endangered and colonies take ten of years to form with some over 1,000 years old. Our Floreana bracelet mimics the iridescent pink of this beautiful coral as it lies beneath the water with its green bands reflecting the zooplankton and plant life on which they depend to flourish. Floreana is a beautiful living animal which is older than every human being living today. The Floreana Coral bracelet is designed to be worn alongside its sister, the Cauliflower Coral bracelet.


Coral is an animal not a plant and there are almost a thousand species of this colourful living animal in the world today. It's perception as a plant has fuelled its use as a decoration in shops and homes all over the world. In truth displaying coral is no different than using any animal as a decoration. Our set of three coral bracelets is presented with an iridescent green to symbolise the plants which co-exists with these small creatures to create reefs.

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