Koala & Polar Bear Stack
Koala & Polar Bear Stack
Koala & Polar Bear Stack
Koala & Polar Bear Stack

Koala & Polar Bear Stack

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Koala & Polar Bear Stack

Handmade with tempered glass 

The Koala & Polar Bear stack is comprises Australia's Koala with the Arctic's Polar Bear. 

Both bracelets are handmade by artisans using tempered glass and 24K gold plated beads, and are available in two styles, stretch elastic or adjustable cotton.

The two bands together plant 20 trees - and it only takes 17 trees to recycle enough CO2 from your breathing to breathe Carbon Free for life. 


Your stretch bracelets measure 17cm / 6.5 inches in length. The adjustable bracelets uses toughened cotton and fits any size of wrist between 13 cm (5.2 inches) and 24 cm (9.5 inches). 

Gift packaging - A Gift that gives back

The set comes in a drawstring fabric pouch together with a planting certificate for your 20 trees. You address your certificate personally (by hand) which also explains how your trees combat global warming to help people and animals alike. There is also gift cards on which you can write a personal message, the back of which tells you all about The Great Barrier Reef and the Wakatobi Reefs.  

Your bracelet & care

The tempered glass beads will hold their colours in water although they should not be exposed to perfumes, chemicals, cosmetics and the like. The 24K gold plated beads should be treated like all gold jewellery (see care guide). 


Your order will be processed within 2 business days of receipt. Shipments are tracked and details for the delivery service you choose are shown on checkout. 

As a duo, the Coral Reef set can be added to over time with bracelets like the Iberian Lynx, the Polar Bear and a fabric bracelets shown in the images opposite. 


Koalas are very contrary animals! They are not bears, they are ‘marsupials’ - animals who carry their young in a belly-pouch, and baby Koalas are called Joeys. Koalas are native to Australia and they don't drink ('Koalas' is actually the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders' word meaning 'no drink'), and the food they eat, gum leaves, are poisonous! Laws forbid them from being kept as pets anywhere in the world because of their diet, still, there is little point as they sleep up to 22 hours a day! 

There used to be millions of Koalas and its thought could be as few as 43,000 left today. Despite being ‘vulnerable’ to extinction there aren’t any laws in force protecting their environment although many are trying to help

Your band creates jobs for the artisans who made it, and jobs for people who planted your trees; your trees provide a home for animals & recycle CO2 to combat global warming. We can't do this without you, in William Shakespeare's words,'Thanks. And thanks and ever thanks. . . '

Polar Bears

Polar Bears are the largest carnivores in the world and are classified as ‘marine mammals. They can swim for days at a time and are called 'Polar' because they only live in the Arctic at the North Pole. With their habitat at risk from global warming (melting ice) and invasion by oil companies food is also scarce and only 2 in every 100 hunts for food are successful. There are now just 26,000 Polar Bears left. With their blue tongues, black skin and white fur, these magnificent bears grow up to 800 kgs, the weight of 10 men!  Magnificence it seems is no guarantee of survival.