La Petite Giant Panda Bracelet Vol 2
La Petite Giant Panda Bracelet Vol 2
La Petite Giant Panda Bracelet Vol 2
La Petite Giant Panda Bracelet Vol 2

La Petite Giant Panda Bracelet Vol 2

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La Petite Giant Panda Vol 2

Handmade with tempered glass & 18K Gold Plated

This little cutie is hand made crafted by skilled artisans using tempered glass beads with 18K gold plated findings and lobster clasp.

The bracelet measures 15cm / 6 inches with extensions to 19cm / 7.5 inches. in length. The adjustable bracelet

Gift packaging - A Gift that gives back

Every band comes in its own drawstring fabric pouch with a personalized planting certificate for your 10 trees and gift card on which you can write a message. Your planting certificate can addressed personally (by hand), and explains how your trees combat global warming to help people and animals alike. The back of your gift card tells you all about Black Jaguars and why and how they are endangered.  

Your bracelet & care

The tempered glass beads will hold their colors in water although they should not be exposed to perfumes, chemicals, cosmetics and the like. The 24K gold plated beads should be treated like all gold jewelry (see care guide). 


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 Giant Pandas

Bears are well known for their courage and fearlessness, but the black and white Giant Panda is an exception. These 250 lbs (100 kg plus) cuddly bears are vegetarians and spend 14 hours a day sitting around eating bamboo; it’s not very nutritious, so they need to eat a lot of it, 85 pounds or about a third of their body weight every single day! This extraordinary diet means they poop 40 times a day losing 60 pounds of the bamboo they eat to the forest floor. Giant Pandas basically eat, poop and sleep. That said, who couldn't look at a big cuddly Giant Panda all day!

These big cutees are endangered with only 1,864 left on the planet thanks to deforestation and other manmade threats. Think of them and smile when you look at your black and white Giant Panda Band of Courage.