LEO & The Lion
LEO & The Lion
LEO & The Lion
LEO & The Lion

LEO & The Lion

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LEO and The Lion (15% off 1st 100 Orders)

LEO season starts on 23rd July, a month away and with the launch of our West African Lion glass bracelet this week, the two together make a great gift for upcoming LEOs.

Know a LEO? 'L'eaders, 'E'nergetic, and for 'O'ptimists, they are a Fire sign with a reputation for loyalty, stability and consistency, even though they are drawn to the spotlight, centre stage. Why, because they are ruled by the Sun which never goes into Retrograde, always shining bright, never setting. In fact, everything about the King or Queen of the jungle, the animal, is true for those born in this truly magnificent Star Sign. 

So it seems appropriate we should pair up our LEO fabric band with the West African Lion.

The West African Lion 

The West African Lion is critically endangered with just 400 animals left in the wild and 250 mature adults. This is less than 10% of the population that existed in 2013!  Why, because their environment is being lost and eroded and the lions are wondering into areas where they are hunted and killed by humans. Adult male lions weigh up to 400 pounds and eat a whopping 100 pounds of meat in one meal! They hunt mostly at night and love storms as the noise means their prey can't hear them. Lion's mains grow unto 8 inches in length, like human hair are used to attract mates, but also protect them when they are fighting other males for mates! 

Lion populations have decreased throughout Africa and Africa is the only place on earth where they can be found with one exception in India. There are around 20,000 lions of all types left - compare that with over 400,000 elephants of all types.

Our West African Lion bracelet seeks to capture the natural hews and colors of this remarkable 'King or Queen of the Jungle' and as the jungle disappears, so do they. 


These handmade bracelets come in two styles:-

The West African Lion as a stretch bracelet which measures approximately 17cm / 6.7 inches in length which may vary slightly with bead pattern. The adjustable cotton string version will fit any size of wrist between 13 cm (5.2 inches) and 24 cm (9.5 inches).

LEO, an adjustable fabric bracelet which can fit any size of wrist between 13 cm (5.2 inches) and 24 cm (9.5 inches). It may even be used as an anklet for children and those with smaller feet, but check your measurements carefully before ordering. 


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