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"One person can make a difference and everyone should try"
John F Kennedy


This organic fabric band with its   hand embroidered 24K gold plated glass beads is an elegant way to say warn others of the many threats to our planet - temperature increase, loss of 13% of the ice in the Arctic every year,  carbon accumulation in the atmosphere, coal and other pollutants, the extinction of thousands animal of species every year, catastrophic weather conditions, rising sea levels, and so on. Global Warning is part of our COP26 Collection.

10 Trees Plants & Your Gift Package

This band plants 10 trees and comes in a drawstring fabric pouch with your planting certificate (which can be addressed personally) and a gift card on which you write a message and which also explains how your trees help combat global warming.

Size & Fitting

This beautiful band measures 33cm / 13 inches in length and is worn by tying a double knot to fit. To fit to size, the length can be trimmed with scissors. Always cut at an angle to minimise fraying of the cotton.

Worn on the wrist or ankles, it is double tied at the back to hold the band in place. The band can be sown onto clothes or onto soft furnishings or used as a decoration. 


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REBEL FOR LIFE is a protest slogan which identifies the person holding the banner as 'a rebel' seeking to save lives threatened by Climate Change. 

With over 4 million people dying prematurely every year from pollution related diseases and hundreds of animal species becoming extinct every week, there are a lot of lives to be saved!

The Founding Fathers wrote into the Declaration of Independence words to inspire rebellion against government where peoples' lives are at risk and government isn't protecting them.

Rebel for Life is a popular banner at Climate Change marches and makes a great gift a banner to openly protest with elegance, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!