Sunny Polar Bear Necklace
Sunny Polar Bear Necklace
Sunny Polar Bear Necklace
Sunny Polar Bear Necklace
Sunny Polar Bear Necklace

Sunny Polar Bear Necklace

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Sunny Polar Bear Necklace


The Sunny Polar Bear Necklace is handmade by artisans using glass and gold plated beads and an 18K gold plated sun charm with 18K gold plated clasp and fittings. 

The necklace measures 44 cm (17 inches). 

Your necklace, the 10 trees planted, your personalized tree planting certificate, and your Polar Bear gift card make for a gift that truly gives back, all wrapped up in a drawstring fabric pouch.  

Every necklace plants 10 Trees - Personalize your Tree Planting Certificate 

Every necklace plants 10 Mangrove Trees recycling 220 Kgs of CO2 every year for your lifetime and beyond. Included with your charm and necklace is a tree planting certificate which you can address personally if you are giving a gift. The certificate tells you all about your trees, CO2 recycling and jobs you are creating!

Your Polar Bear Gift Card & Packaging

Every necklace also comes in its own drawstring fabric pouch and a gift card telling you about Polar Bears and on which you can write a personal message. The text below about Polar Bears appears on the back of your personalized gift card and comes with your necklace and tree planting certificate.   

Your necklace & care

Your necklace is demi-fine jewelry and as such are water proof in freshwater, but try keep this cutie away from salt water, perfumes, chemicals, cosmetics and the like. 


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Polar Bears

Polar Bears are the largest bears in the world and even though they are called 'Polar' they only live at the North Pole in the Arctic. In fact, their name really means 'sea bear' as they live in the sea. They are the only bear to live at sea, not on land, which is odd as it's how we think of fish rather than bears - living in the sea. Guess what - with the seas warming up, the ice is melting and Polar bears are spending more and more time on land. As their habitat recedes, so their ability to survive diminishes and they are now endangered as a species.

There are only 26,500 Polar Bears left! Our white necklace with gold bands is the Polar Bear. Oh, by the way, Polar Bears have blue tongues!