The Planetary Anklet
The Planetary Anklet
The Planetary Anklet
The Planetary Anklet
The Planetary Anklet
The Planetary Anklet
The Planetary Anklet
The Planetary Anklet

The Planetary Anklet

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The Planetary Anklet

The Planetary Boundaries: 9

Sustainably & Ethically Handmade

The gold tone Planetary Anklet is handmade by artisans as is symbolic of Planetary Boundaries supporting life on our planet as explained below. The anklet is:-

  • Ocean proof and tarnish proof;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Nickel and Lead Free 

The Planetary Anklet is adjustable and measures 21cm to 26cm. 


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Gift packaging - A Gift that gives back

Every band comes in its own drawstring fabric pouch together with a planting certificate for your 10 trees. You address your certificate personally (by hand) which explains how your trees combat global warming to help people and animals alike. There is also a gift card on which you can write a personal message, the back of which tells you all about The 9 Planetary Boundaries and why it is disappearing before our eyes.  


Your Planetary Anklet is designed to stay with with you come rain or shine, swimming or flying, you need never take her off, and why would you? Your charms and letters are the same, designed to be with you always.

The 9 Planetary Boundaries

The 9 Planetary Boundaries, as they are known, are the 9 fundamental 'Earth Systems' which lie at the core of our planet's continued ability to support life.  If any one or combination are disrupted to any great an extent, the consequences could be catastrophic. They are:-

  • Climate Change (the climate changes too much);
  • Ozone Loss, loss of the ozone layer / stratosphere
  • Freshwater change or loss
  • Ocean Acidification 
  • Land System Change
  • Biogeochemical flows (The connection between life and the environment) 
  • Biosphere Integrity (the integrity of land, sea and air)
  • Atmosphere Aerosol Loading
  • Novel Entities (like toxic materials)

These Boundaries together measure the resillience and stability of Earth Systems and all 9 (except Ozone) have or are at risk of being crossed.