The Golden Rhino Stack
The Golden Rhino Stack
The Golden Rhino Stack
The Golden Rhino Stack
The Golden Rhino Stack
The Golden Rhino Stack
The Golden Rhino Stack
The Golden Rhino Stack

The Golden Rhino Stack

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The Golden Polar Bear & White Rhino

Polar Bear Population: 22,000

African White Rhino Population: 2 (North), 10,078 (South)

Handmade with tempered glass

This stack combines the White Rhino with the Golden Polar Bear, each bracelet is handmade by artisans using tempered glass beads with a multiply stretchable cord to give them elasticity, allowing you to slip it on and off easily.

The bracelets each measure 17cm / 6.5 inches in length. 

Each set plants 20 Trees recycling 6.16 tonnes of CO2 to make you Carbon Neutral for a year.

Your Personalized Gift Cards

Your Bands of Courage come with Endangered Animal gift cards for both your animals and a 20 Tree Planting Certificate, all of which can be personalized. They tell you all about your Endangered Animals, your Mangrove trees, and your CO2 recycling. 

Every stack comes in a drawstring fabric pouch.

Your bracelet & care

The tempered glass beads will hold their colours in freshwater (not saltwater, please) although they should not be exposed to perfumes, chemicals, cosmetics and the like. 


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Polar Bears

Polar Bears are the largest carnivores in the world and are classified as ‘marine mammals. They can swim for days at a time and are called 'Polar' because they only live in the Arctic at the North Pole. With their habitat at risk from global warming (melting ice) and invasion by oil companies food is also scarce and only 2 in every 100 hunts for food are successful. There are now just 22,000 Polar Bears left. With their blue tongues, black skin and white fur, these magnificent bears grow up to 800 kgs, the weight of 10 men!  Magnificence it seems is no guarantee of survival.

White Rhinos

There are 5 species of Rhino with populations - The Sumatran (30), The Javan (18), The Greater One-horned Rhino in India (2,100), The African Black (3,142) and The White Rhino which has 2 populations in Africa - The Northern Population (2) and the Southern population (10,078). Weighing over 3 tonnes, White Rhinos are the 2nd largest land animal after elephants and are named after the Africaan’s word ‘wyd’, which means wide, because of their square shaped lips. Their principal threat is being hunted for their horns which are prized for medicinal purposes. Their horns grow up to 7 cms (3 inches) a year and are made of Keratin, like our hair and nails. Their horns, their principal source of protection in Nature, has become their Achilles Heel where humans are concerned.